Investments We Made in Cooling Our Greenhouse:

Shade Cloth to Cool own Greenhouses

There are multiple ways to heat your greenhouse; but a lot will depend on your budget.

This post is meant to help out the backyard gardeners; those of us who can’t afford the big fancy cooling systems that are used in commercial greenhouses.

Being in New Jersey, we often get very cold winters and very hot summers; often to the extreme, so we had to prepare for both seasons.  

Below are things we do to help keep our greenhouse cooler in the winter:


Greenhouse Shade Cloth, Cool Greenhouse

Greenhouse Shade Cloth

If you live in an area that gets above 85 degrees (F) in the summer,  a shade cloth is a must if you plan on growing through out the Summer months.

Shade cloths come in a variety of sizes, colors and density. Be careful where you buy these, we’ve seen them for sale in various places but the quality just wasn’t there. We bought ours at Growers Solution, which is the same place we purchased our greenhouse. The shade cloth is 7 years old now and is still in like-new condition.

The shade cloth we bought is black and offers 40% density. This percentage will block out 40% of light and UV rays; enough sun to efficiently grow plants, but it cuts down on the strongest rays of the sun during the day, helping to keep it much cooler than when we didn’t have one.

If you are in the market for a shade cloth, go to Growers Solutions and check out their products. They also have a free online Shade Cloth calculator at:
 https://www.growerssolution.com/external/custom-shade-cloth.html to help you figure out what you need, what size and to give you an idea as to how much it will cost.

If you’re still not sure what to order, give them a call- they are very friendly and helpful.


  • Growers Solution. This company offered the best customer service and was reasonably priced when we purchased our greenhouse goods from them. Check them out at: https://www.growerssolution.com/

HAF-flow fan for greenhouse

Greenhouse Hanging Circulation Fans

I have the Schaefer H.A.F. Flow Fans- VS8PA.  

I can speak for this model of the Schaefer fan product line, although I’m sure all of their products are just as good.

This fan is maintenance-free and long-lasting. We have had ours for about 6-7 years without issue and it’s still going strong.

What I like about it is that it offers high air flow yet doesn’t use a lot of energy… and it is the quietest fan in the greenhouse.

Ours is mounted from the ceiling but it can be mounted on a wall as well. Below are the Specs on this fan in case you are interested:

  • 1/3 hp
  • 115/230 volts
  • 3.8/1.9 amps, 1725 rpm
  • 5418 cfm
  • Direct-drive, heavy duty motor, totally enclosed
  • Pre-lubricated ball bearings
  • Maintenance-free motor
  • Aluminum fade blade
  • Powder-coated steel fan mount
  • Variable speed capable; separate controller needed.


  • Growers Solution. This company offered the best customer service and was reasonably priced when we purchased our greenhouse goods from them. Check them out at: https://www.growerssolution.com/

Commercial Floor Ovulating Fans

This year we bought the  CountyLine 30 in. Pedestal Industrial Fan (SFSI-750SW). We added two of these fans to the greenhouse to help push the air from the front to the back. 

This fan provides high-velocity air movement; while at Tractor Supply I compared some of the larger fans but they didn’t oscillate and (the ones they had in stock in way) weren’t did provide as high CFM as this one. It has high quality metal blades and is made from industry-grade powder coated steel. The drum fan is also resistant to corrosion and rust; perfect for use in a greenhouse that sometimes feels like you’ve entered a rain forest!

There are 3 levels of power to choose from. Although the specs didn’t state the CFMs this fan pushes in medium mode, the low mode is 6,800 CFM and the high mode is 8.600 CFM; unless it is over 100 degrees in the greenhouse, I keep our fans on Medium. As with all the fans in my greenhouse, they are setup to push the air from the front of the greenhouse to the exhaust fans in the back.



Box Fan - greenhouse cooler


We have these box fans in the front greenhouse windows, pulling the fresh air into the greenhouse. I’m not sure what kind they are, I believe they are made by Lasko; we bought ours at Walmart. At $15-$19 each, you can’t go wrong. They have 20″ blades (5); sorry, I don’t have any specs on these units. 


  • Walmart 

and last, but probably most important are the exhaust fans…


We purchased and installed two exhaust fans at the end of the greenhouse, set to pull the hot air that is inside the greenhouse and blow it out the back. One is in the upper eve of the wall to help pull the hottest air, the other is on the right side of the wall, centered vertically.

The MaxxAir Heavy-Duty Exhaust Fans, offer 24″ blades and offer 4100 CFM. It takes 520 Watts, 4.35 amps. 

We have been pretty happy with these fans; they too are about 5-7 years old and are still running without issue. In the future, however, as they fail, I plan to replace them with a larger fan; I have my eyes on the Hessaire 36″ Direct Drive Box Fan. It pulls 11,070 CMF, more than twice as much as the model fan we purchased and uses 5.20 amps; a little more but you’re getting twice as much.


  • Tractor Supply Company.

What do you use to cool down your greenhouse in the dead heat of summer? Share your thoughts and experiences to help others.

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