The most common fish used for Aquaponics is the Tilapia as it is a hearty fish and can live in temperatures from 65 to 95 degrees (note: this temperature varies from article to article.)

But there are many fish and other species that call Aquaponics ‘home’.

Considerations for choosing aquaponics fish:

    • Do You Want Ornamental or Edible Species?

      Most fish will do well in an aquaponic system, however not all are edible. The more ornamental-type fish used are Mollies and Goldfish (they are both cheap and easy to replace should they not survive) and Koi,  
    • Environment/Temperature

      You should consider where your Aquaponic system will be kept and the temperature of the environment. If you live in, ie Florida, you want to keep warm water fish such as Tilapia; or another species that can tolerate warmer water as it would be expensive to keep the water cooler for a fish that requires cooler water such as Trout. If you live in a cooler State, you can will need to use a water heater. It is important to choose a hardy species that is adaptable for your particular indoor or outdoor conditions.
  •  Purchasing your aquaponics fish

    Choose a species which is readily available to buy as a fingerling or juvenile fish. Selecting a suitable adult fish is also a possibility.
  • Breeding

    It is important to select a species that can and will breed in an enclosed aquarium or tank if you want to produce your own stock.


Below I’ve gathered information regarding the various fish that have been kept in Aquaponic systems and details including their required water temperature ranges, preferred foods, etc.











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