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Our Privacy policy is short and simple.

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This website is for backyard Aquaponics and was created as an informational resource to help others who are looking for various ways to garden and may benefit from the methods we use here at our garden.

We do NOT:

  • sell anything via the website itself; any/all sales are made locally only and is paid via cash only; therefore no personal information is collected.
  • use any analytical software for marketing purposes and therefore do not collect this type of data.

We DO:

  • collect minimal content via use of our contact form. If you do not want us to have your first name and email address, please do not use the form,
  • use Cookies. Cookies are used to make your experience better when accessing the website. As defined in the banner on our home page, we assume it is ok for us to use cookies. If you do NOT want us to use cookies, you have the option of changing the settings on your browser so it does not allow the collection of cookies, or simply do not use this website.

How We May Use Your Data:

  • We use your first name and email from the contact form to reply to your inquiry.
  • We may use your first name and email address submitted via the Contact form to send you related emails, ie sales, events, articles, etc. re: gardening. (Note ea. email provides you the option to unsubscribe from the list so you do not receive emails in the future.)
  • Your information is never shared/sold to anyone for anything.

If you have any questions or issues with the use of this website, feel free to contact me at:
gail at


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