Natural Predators of Whiteflies

Beneficial Insects - lacewings

Natural Predators — You can purchase female beetles, parasitic wasps, spiders, and lacewings and add them to your garden as a first defense against whiteflies. These are readily available at most garden shops and online. 

The female beetles and lacewings will eat the eggs of whiteflies, spiders “net” the grown whiteflies for food and parasitic wasps lay eggs inside the whitefly’s body. It’s larvae uses the host insect as food before and as it advances to the adult phase.

As with aphids, you don’t want ants around if you have whiteflies. It is important that you remove the ants before introducing beneficial insects as ants eat the whiteflies’ honeydew and are focused on protecting this food source. First get rid of the ants by using an organic method.

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