Some mistaken us as a fish farm, but we’re not. We have a backyard Aquaponic system that we use Koi and Tilapia to ‘fuel’ our crops. It’s easy to get over-run with fish; especially because I have this instinctive “need” to save the baby fry from being eaten when they show up in the tanks. When I end up with more fish than needed, I sell off the surplus to free up the tanks and to help recoup some of the expenses of running the greenhouse.

I will continue to sell off equipment and items such as excess pvc pipe, fish tank filters, etc. that i no longer need or use, fish food, and more. Please check under “Shop” in the menu above.

Also, be sure to read the important legal information at the bottom of this page…


If you are interested in purchasing tilapia, please contact Tim using the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Email me using the Form below...

Oreochromis aureus - Blue Tilapia

Tilapia are purchased for many reasons; for aquaponic systems, as pets, to clear out ponds of algae and excessive vegetation, and for consumption. They are hearty, beautiful fish.

We are happy to have obtained this culturally significant fish. We are not a fish nursery, however we do sell our fish when we have a surplus to help off-set the cost of maintaining the greenhouse.
Our fish are healthy and are never given any hormones or antibiotics.

Visit our home page for an approximate number of fish that we currently have for sale. For additional information, visit the related pages under ‘Resources’ in the menu above.

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The pricing on this page supersedes any ads, etc.
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We follow the standard pricing for Tilapia which is $1/inch.
Below is our current approximate count of fish and pricing:

Fish sizes are approximate.

Those interested in growing their fish to Adult size usually purchase Juniors as they are almost there in size; this saves them time and the expense of feeding and heating their tanks. 

Please feel free to contact Tim (using the form on the left) with any questions you may have about caring for your tilapia- he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Tilapia Fry for sale, NJ

FRY: <1″ 
$.99 each
Availability: Contact us. for Availability.


Live Tilapia For Sale, NJ

Appx 1″-3″- 
$1/inch – Appx 50 Avail.
Appx 3.25″-5″ – $1/inch – Appx 57+ Avail.

Fingerlings are great for those who want to keep the fish as pets,  or to for use in their Aquaponic system.

Aquaponic, garden, tilapia, Gails Aquaponic Garden, NJ

Appx 5.25″-7″ – 
$1/inch – Appx 35 Avail.

Juniors are a favorite for those who wish to grow their tilapia out to Adult size as they are already almost there and it is by far cheaper to buy them at this size than to feed and heat their tanks as they grow.

Tilapia, Gails Aquaponic Garden

Appx 7.27+”

Availability: NONE FOR SALE at this time.

Do You Need a Permit To Own Tilapia in Your State?:

Many states require their citizens to have permits to possess or import these fish. It is the buyer’s responsibility to verify and comply with State and local laws pertaining to the buying and possession of fish species. You can contact your local Department of Fish and Wildlife regarding regulations. Should you purchase Tilapia locally from us, know that even though New Jersey requires no permits the last time we checked, it is up to you to check in the event they changed their rules- please don’t assume anything.

Buying Tilapia From Us:

All of our tilapia are hand raised right here in our greenhouse, using quality, high protein foods, worms, and occasional crushed tiny, de-shelled green peas (they LOVE it and it’s good for them! Note: make sure you de-shell the peas as they can choke on the skin.)

Our tilapia are completely antibiotic and hormone free.

About the fish:

  • We do not ship our fish, it’s better for them and cheaper for you! Pick up only. Please work out a place/date/time to meet with Tim via telephone or email on this page. 
  • You will receive the tilapia in a Lowe’s or Home Depot bucket and lid – please bring the same type bucket and lid to exchange (or a significantly sized cooler to place the fish in.)
  • Fish are sold un-sexed (you get what we net.)
  • We supplement the water in the bucket with air as we drive to meet you; this ensures your fish will have plenty of air to get them to their new home.

Acclimating Your New Fish:

How to acclimate your fish. This will take some time, however it ensures your fish will adjust to their new home with minimal stress/problems:

  • Have a tank set up and ready for your fish for when you get home with them.
    • Make sure there is no chlorine in the water. If you have city water, you must buy a chlorine remover and leave the water sit in an open container for the recommended time. Do this before you purchase/bring home your fish.
    • Heat the water to a temperature close to what their home is now (talk to Tim about this.)
    • Never, ever add anything with copper to your fish tank; it can and will kill your fish!
  • First thing you should do when you get back is add air to the bucket/container they were in when you drove them home. Without air, fish will only survive approximately 30 minutes. Talk to Tim about purchasing a portable air pump to keep your fish happy, especially if you live more than 30-40 minutes from your meeting place.
  • The process of acclimating them takes time and you want to ensure they have enough air and the ph is close to that of the water in their new home.
  • Next, be sure the temperature of their new tank is no more than 1 – 2 degrees warmer or colder than the bucket water (preferably warmer.)
  • Take about 2 cups of water from their new home/tank and add it into the bucket every 15 minutes; do this 4-5 times.
  • Never dump the fish and water from the bucket into your tank- this is a general rule when you purchase any fish. Gently net each fish out of the bucket slowly (don’t chase them around!) and gently release them into their new home. You will have happier, and therefore, healthier fish.
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