Portulaca Plants For Sale

(Catharanthus roseus Cora)


Also known as Moss Rose, this is an easy to grow annual that grows fast, covering the grow-bed with attractive succulent foliage and bright colored flowers.

There are only a few left; they are in 6″ pots and are planted in soil with time-released fertilizer- no need to worry about fertilizing them!

About These Plants:

Type: Annual, Cactus – Succulent


  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    Height: 3-6"

  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    Spread: 10-15"

  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    Flowers: Late Spring - Fall (Frost)

  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    Low Maintenance

  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    Low Water Needs

  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    No serious insect or disease issues

    Note: Aphids possible and crown rot if soil is poorly drained.

  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    Polination: Self-seeds

  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    Invasive: No


  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    Soil: Poor to average well drained soil

  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    Soil Ph: Acid, Alkaline, Neutral

  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    Soil Type: Chalk, Loom, Sand

  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    Sun: Full Sun

  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    Water: dry to moderately moist

  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    Fertilize: Monthly

  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    Best USD Zones: 2-12

  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    Deadhead: yes to reduce self-seeding


  • Flowers for Sale, nj

    Deer Resistant

This plant thrives where others struggle to survive!  

Great for:

  • Sunny border fronts
  • Rock gardens
  • Ground cover
  • Baskets
  • Planters
  • Edging, 
  • Hanging baskets or
  • Sprawling over stone walls.

Medicinal Value:

None I’ve found.



Growing Tips:

  • This plant loves the sun, so be sure to place it in a full-sun location.
  • Provide soil that trains well.
  • Be careful not to over water; keep this plants on the drier side. Water only when soil feels dry to touch.
  • Need to deadhead flowers.
  • Fertilize with a well-balanced complete liquid feed once or twice per month. 

Ideas/Uses for These Plants:

  • Make Your Own Basket
  • Use as a border
  • Fill a bed with different varieities/colors of this plant
  • Fill a large planter with various types of plants and include this for nearly three seasons of color!



Live plants for sale


  • As you will see noted throughout this website, this is not a business. It is my back yard hobby. 
  • Periodically I have several of the plants posted here that I must sell off to make room in the greenhouse for different plants, etc. and to help off-set the cost of running the greenhouse, especially at the end of the summer as I prepare for the winter months.
  • Any information regarding the care from any of the plants listed here is based on either what has worked for me, what was on the plant’s seed package or what I have learned off of the internet from various sources. My personal experiences and opinions are clearly identified. It is your responsibility to research and determine the care you wish to provide the plant. 
  • When we meet, I encourage you to inspect the plant you are buying carefully before you decide to purchase it as once you walk away with it, the plant is yours; sorry, no returns.


Most of my sales are done locally. Below are methods in which I accept payment:

  1. If you are picking up your item and are local, I either accept cash or you can pay via credit card when you arrive.
  2. For those that live further, please email me using the form on the right and I will contact you to work out shipping costs and payment details with you.


Sorry, I do not ship potted plants.

Local Pickup:

If you live local to Jackson, NJ, I  will be happy to meet you at the WaWa down the street from Six Flags Great Adventure, with your plants.

Feel free to send me an email with any questions you may hav

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  • Plant information is obtained from either the seed package I purchased, a plant guide or online. Although I am careful where I get my information, however I can not be held accountable for another’s information posted; especially in reference to medicinal and health claims. My personal experiences and opinions are clearly identified.
  • Information obtained from notes currently in paper format (copies) may not necessarily contain the original source.
  • I will send you photos, if desired, of the plants prior to shipping so you can see exactly what is being shipped to you. I can not be responsible for the condition of the plants when they arrive as I have no control over how the carrier will treat your package, although well packed and marked. If you have any issues, please contact the carrier first.