Gail’s Aquaponic Garden no longer has tilapia at our Greenhouse.

We sold our entire stock of fish and our original Aquaponic Garden setup to Tim D. who is located in Howell, New Jersey.

Tim doesn’t have a website so to help him out, I am keeping this page up for people to find and communicate directly with him regarding tilapia. If you are interested in purchasing tilapia, please complete the form below; an email with the information you supply will be sent directly to Tim via email.

I will continue to sell off plants,  fish food, equipment and items such as excess pvc pipe, fish tank filters, etc. that i no longer need or use, and more. Please check under “Shop” in the menu above to see what we have available right now.


If you are interested in purchasing tilapia, please contact Tim using the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Email Tim regarding Tilapia using the Form below...

Oreochromis aureus - Blue Tilapia

Tilapia are purchased for many reasons; for aquaponic systems, as pets, to clear out ponds of algae and excessive vegetation, and for consumption. They are hearty, beautiful fish.

We are happy to have obtained this culturally significant fish. We are not a fish nursery, however we do sell our fish when we have a surplus to help off-set the cost of maintaining the greenhouse.
Our fish are healthy and are never given any hormones or antibiotics.

Visit our home page for an approximate number of fish that we currently have for sale. For additional information, visit the related pages under ‘Resources’ in the menu above.

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We follow the standard pricing for Tilapia which is $1/inch.