It’s time to harvest the banana blossom…

Last night we went into the greenhouse to check on the koi and banana plants, it was obvious the banana plant isn’t going to produce anymore bananas. 

The male seeds are no longer being fertilized and are just turning brown and shriveling up. 

Below are the photos of us harvesting the banana blossom and cleaning it:


Once the bracts were taken off the last set of seeds you could see the new seeds are more brown than green so we knew it was time to harvest the blossom.
Another view of the last set of seeds.
Jim cutting off the blossom
The branch is much lighter now without the blossom. There is always a concern that due to the weight of the branch, especially when the bananas mature, can snap off.
If all of the seeds that are in the blossom were to develop into bananas, there would be 200+ bananas from this one harvest.
The stalk began to seep a thick white substance which is said to stain clothing.
Cleaning up the blossom by removing the last couple of sets of seeds.
This is the last few sets of brachts and seeds that needed to be removed with the blossom.
Here is the blossom all cleaned up.


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