Gardening methods are quickly changing; especially as people are becoming more interested and aware of where their food comes from, what additives are being added, saving resources, such as water, etc. After reading tons of articles and watching (too many) videos, I have also found that a lot of ‘garden methods’ you may read about online are blurring the lines – in other words, take hydroponics – the Kratky method is often referred to as a hydroponics system, but although they are similar, they are very different (you will be able to read about that once I get this area more populated.)

Aquaponics and hydroponics are becoming more widely used by large commercial farms; and individuals are also beginning to learn how to make  smaller versions of these systems that they can setup and run in their own greenhouse, backyard, patio, basement, or garage. These systems use significantly less water than traditional gardening, omit weeding, etc. Aquaponic setups also force the farmer to grow organically as their system is an actual eco system- the fish rely on the plants and vice-versa. Anything foreign/chemical sprayed on the plants, ie pest control chemicals, etc. will kill off the fish by contaminating the water.

Individuals are also becoming more creative, finding ways to grow food within an even smaller foot-print – within their home. Not only are they interested in ways to grow their food in small areas, they are also seeking ways to reduce the maintenance of their garden via self-watering setups, electronic/remote water level testing devices, remote controlled water heating systems, water irrigation, etc for their garden.

The contents of the resource area consist of methods and setups we’ve tried; some worked, some didn’t. I also site the source of content that is directly being quoted from other websites, videos, etc.