Day #25 – Banana Fruiting Progress

Day 25 –
October 18, 2019

Today I noticed even more bracts opening and the ends are almost all brown on the larger fruit.

Seems the newer bananas are turning brown faster then the earlier ones- as soon as they sprout out. I think it might be mold from the condensation in the greenhouse – the colder weather outside vs the warm water inside; it’s only going to get worse as it gets colder outside.

I went on the internet and found a photo (last one) of new larger bananas that are turning brown like mine are…  so that appears to be normal. As for the smaller bananas; theirs is brown too but they also ended up cutting off the flower to eat the seeds within it; they cut it off just above the smaller new bananas which were tossed out. It’s not clear if they did this just to eat the seeds or because the smaller bananas weren’t going to grow into larger bananas due to the discoloring/mold.

I’ll give it a few more days to see if the baby bananas develop anymore or if the entire fruit browns. If that happens I may just cut off the flower to cook it and let the ‘older’ bananas finish developing.





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    1. Thanks for your inquiry!

      If you’re referring to planting the seeds or male flowers (as I’ve seen them referred to) that are inside of the flower, from what I’ve read, you can plant them but if they do actually grow into a plant, it will not produce fruit.

      After the banana fruit start developing, male flowers will continue to develop and be displayed, but no more bananas will form/grow. That is the point where a lot of people cut off the flower stalk below the fruit and eat it.

      Hope that helps…

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