Cleaning Vegetables Before Eating

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I found a few recommendation for cleaning vegetables off before processing them and thought I’d post it here.

When you purchase your fruits and vegetables from a grocery store, there’s a good change that tons of other people have handled them; the producers packing them, the grocery staff that stacks them or places them in the bins, and the other shoppers who are looking for the ‘best’ pieces.  Also, many companies spray the fruits and veggies with pesticides, which you don’t want your family to digest.

Just add a drop of hydrogen peroxide to a bowl of water, dip and rub the vegetable lightly with a food brush, then rinse them off with fresh water and place them on a clean counter to dry. Be sure to use food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Note: I haven’t personally tried this but it makes perfect sense that it should work well in disinfecting the fruit and vegetables without harming them, or you.


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