Thinking About Getting An Aloe Vera Plant?

Aloe Vera Plant

Previous Next You’ve probably used Aloe Vera products for calming sunburn; but did you know that the gel from the Aloe plant can be used in food, smoothies or drinks? Did you know Aloe is also used to help thicken thinning hair and is also used as a mouthwash? I’ve had Aloe Vera plants for […]

It’s time to harvest the banana blossom…


Last night we went into the greenhouse to check on the koi and banana plants, it was obvious the banana plant isn’t going to produce anymore bananas.  The male seeds are no longer being fertilized and are just turning brown and shriveling up.  Below are the photos as the blossom is removed: Once the bracts […]

Day #27 – Banana Fruiting Progress

Day 28 - Banana Plant Progress

                Day 27 – October 20, 2019 Amazing what a few days of Sun will do for a plant! I placed my fingers next to the bananas to help show the size of the fruit. The tiny new flowers have grown quite a bit- looks like they may […]

Day #25 – Banana Fruiting Progress

Day 27 - Banana Plant

Day 27 Day 27 Day 27 I don’t think any new bananas that show up won’t make it. Mold is taking hold of them as they emerge because of the condensation in the greenhouse. Maybe it’ll be ok… This is an image I found on the internet. If you zoom in you can see the […]

New Cam On Banana Plant In My Tropical Garden Room!

Cool Photo of Banana Plant at Night

Today Jimmy installed a camera in my Tropical Garden Room and attached it to the wall in front of the banana tree that is fruiting. It is set to take a photo every hour until we stop it. This is a photo the camera took tonight after it got dark outside. I thought it looked […]

Day #17 – Banana Tree Fruiting Progress

Banana tree with fruit on it

The banana tree is the most unique and amazing plant to grow and observe; especially once the flower appears and begins to open. I’ve noticed that while you and I sleep, the banana tree makes significant growth changes, more so than during the daylight hours. This is the 16th day since the banana flower on […]