Haas Avacado Plants (Specs)

Live Avacado Plants for sale

How To Take Care Of Your Haas Avocado Plant: About These Plants: Do the Haas Avocado trees produce avocados? Yes, these plants are able to produce fruit when their growing environment is favorable. Some articles claim that it may take as long as 10-13 years for your plant to produce fruit. I am new to […]

Dwarf Cavendish Banana Plants (Specs)

How To Take Care Of Your About These Plants: Do the Dwarf Cavendish produce bananas? Yes, the Dwarf Cavendish Banana Plant is able to  produce bananas when their growing environment is favorable. How big do these plants grow? The Dwarf Cavendish grows to approximately 10’+ tall when grown in the ground; when grown in a […]

Ways To Cool Your Greenhouse

WAYS TO COOL YOUR GREENHOUSE There are multiple ways to heat your greenhouse; but a lot will depend on your budget. This post is meant to help out the backyard gardeners; those of us who can’t afford the big fancy cooling systems that are used in commercial greenhouses. Being in New Jersey, we often get […]

Selecting a Greenhouse

Types of Greenhouses

There are so many choices and decisions that need to be made when purchasing a greenhouse! Below I’ll walk you through the decisions we faced and settled on, add-in’s we purchased (and why) as well what mistakes we made along the way.   1. Size of greenhouse First we had to decide what size greenhouse […]

ICH (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) In Your AQ Tank

ICH Disease on Fish

Disclaimer: I don’t consider myself a fish expert, however I have had fish throughout my life, and I am willing to share with you the issues and bouts I’ve had how I managed/treated the situation(s). I am also including methods and information from other resources (listed at the bottom of this article) that I have […]

Aluminum Reflective Mulch for Whiteflies

Aluminum Reflective Mulch for Plants

Surrounding your plant with reflective material such as aluminum or silver polyethylene mulch that reflects light up onto the leaves of plants (also known as Aluminum Reflective Mulch), makes it difficult for whiteflies to find the plant. If you have a limited budget you can cover cardboard with aluminum foil. Read more at Gardening Know […]

Natural Predators of Whiteflies

Beneficial Insects - lacewings

Natural Predators — You can purchase female beetles, parasitic wasps, spiders, and lacewings and add them to your garden as a first defense against whiteflies. These are readily available at most garden shops and online.  The female beetles and lacewings will eat the eggs of whiteflies, spiders “net” the grown whiteflies for food and parasitic wasps […]

How to Exterminate Ants Organically

Ants. You might not associated ants as pests to your garden; after all, they don’t chew or suck the juice out of leaves. So, why is it important to remove ants from your garden? Ants have a symbiotic relationship with pests such as aphids and whiteflies. They love the honeydew that is excreted by these […]

Shower Your Plants – For Whiteflies

Whiteflies - garden pests

Water — Use a jet of water to blast whiteflies and wash them off your plants and leaves. You should then rub a weak solution of insecticidal soap onto the leaves in the late afternoon. Repeat this process every week to control and get rid of whiteflies. Note from Gail: This is what I use […]