Live Blue Nile Tilapia

Live Tilapia Fingerlings

~ LIVE TILAPIA FOR SALE ~ Gail’s Aquaponic Garden no longer has tilapia at our Greenhouse. We sold our entire stock of fish and our original Aquaponic Garden setup to Tim D. who is located in Howell, New Jersey. Tim doesn’t have a website so to help him out, I am keeping this page up […]

Fish Food For Sale

Fish Food for sale - bulk

~ FISH FOOD FOR SALE ~ Aqua Max 400 High Protein Fish Food 3/32″ From Fingerlings to Adults, we offer this pellet food as well as tiny, shelled green peas (which help the fish from bloating) and small amounts of chopped green Romain Lettuce or Spinach to provide them a well-rounded diet. Feed your fish […]