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About Aphids:


Adult and Larvae Aphids


Aphid Larvae
In my experience, aphids has been one of the harder pest to control. They are small tough little buggers that are born with approximately 20,000 eggs ready to hatch; and each one of them have 20,000 eggs ready to hatch- you can see how this pest can easily take over your greenhouse or garden.
Managing Aphids:

Below are a few things you can do to avoid or at least minimize the risk of attracting aphids:

  • Keep your plants healthy as aphids and other pests have a tougher time digesting healthy plants
  • Grow your plants from seeds. Bringing in plants grown from another nursery highly increases your chances of bringing in their pest(s). (I personally learned this one early on…)
  • ants bring aphids to gardens so they can harvest the honey dew they excrete and that it may also work the other way around, that aphids attract ants. Personally, I saw a TON of ants before the aphids appears so I believe ants bring the aphids and organically wipe them out (see Ants.)

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