Alice - Injury from other fish
Alice Today

This is Alice... and here is her story...

Alice was one of the first Tilapia I had purchased when I first started my Aquaponics system five or more years ago. Why did I name her? There’s a bit of a story behind that… One day when I went out to the Greenhouse to feed the fish I noticed this one little fingerling in the corner slightly ’tilted’, barely able to keep itself upright. I thought for sure it was belly boat. I went about feeding the fish; all of the others frantically swimming around grabbing whatever food they could. But not this one little fingerling. When I approached the 50 gallon clear-glassed aquarium, she seemed to struggle to swim to the front of the aquarium as if to ask for help. As she got closer and slightly rolled to the one side I could see the problem.

The other fish picked on her for some reason and literally took a big chunk out of her side, right behind the gill. I quickly prepared a ten gallon aquarium I had laying around and filled it will warm water. Gently, I picked up this very sick little fish and put in into the newly made “hospital” tank where she could rest without being picked on, making the wound larger. It looked grim… I didn’t think she would make it.

I would sit at her tank, talking to her and added a little more salt to the water each day. I read that Tilapia lived in fresh and brackish water so I tried giving her extra salt, hoping it would help and not make things worse; and it did. There was a slight improvement over the next couple of days and she began to eat normally. Once I got her to eat I began to feed her squashed shelled mini peas, known for helping with bloat- and she ate it right up. Soon she was swimming around upright, normally; and when I put my hand into the tank she would swim right onto my laid-out palm. That is when she got her name, Alice; which is a name I always liked.

She stayed in her hospital tank for about 7-9 weeks until she was completely cured; the salt did a fantastic job healing her wound so I began to slowly replace the salt water with fresh water daily until she was again use to fresh water. She was then introduced into the tank where the other fish lived. Being older and less feisty, they accepted her and didn’t pick on her. 

Today, there is no trace of the wound she almost died from. I’m not sure how long fish live, but Alice is still with with us. This little strangely, half dead, beaten-up fish made it- she beat all odds. She will always have a safe, comfortable place to live here with me, until the day comes when she passes naturally.

And that is the truly story about Alice, the one and only fish I ever named.



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