Gail's Aquaponic Garden, NJ
Gail's Aquaponic Garden
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I’ve always loved gardening and animals of any kind including birds and fish. Its clear that I inherited these passions from my Dad. He had a true appreciation and respect for nature in general. He was born and raised on a farm and continued growing and tending to (traditional) gardens right up until the day he passed away.

When my husband and I moved into our current home we installed a small koi pond which is still there today. I tried growing veggies but became discouraged as wildlife chewed down the plants before they had a chance to grow. The deer are the worse -they are so brazen here they come right up on our patio and eat my ornamental plants. I have even caught groundhogs climbing my fruit trees to grab a snack! After trying several sprays, gadgets and other deterrents without success, I just gave up. A few years later I decided to buy a greenhouse to grow food in and protect it from the deer.

While the greenhouse was being built, as a trial, we started out with a small Aquaponics system on our second floor deck where the critters couldn’t get to the plants and fish. The benefits of growing veggies with Aqua and Hydroponics was obvious so we decided to set up our greenhouse garden using these methods vs. traditional gardening. The same Summer that the greenhouse was being built we took a vacation to Disney. The Epcot’s tour through their hydro and Aquaponics greenhouses further confirmed our direction and gave us ideas for our own setup. This is a “must attend” for anyone interested in soil-less gardening.

The greenhouse and garden is still a project in the making as we are always learning, expanding and updating our systems.

Not only does the garden provide us fresh healthy food, but it has become my refuge from the hustling and bustling world; surrounded by the sounds of running water and the occasional scent of mint, basil and rosemary in the air, there is nowhere else I’d rather be.

Life is good.

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