Blue Nile Tilapia

Scientific Name: Oreochromis aureus
Normal Water Temp Range: 60º F to 86º F
Maximum Water Temperature: 106º F
Minimum Water Temperature: 47º F
Minimum Breeding Water Temp: 68º F
Water Type: Fresh or Brackish.

Optimal Breeding Water Temperature: 80º F
Optimal Breeding pH level: 8.0
Feed: Purina Aquamax or Duckweed (Lemna minor). 
Largest On Record: 24 inches long weighing 9.6 pounds.


A Little History/Origins of the Blue Tilapia:

Blue tilapia have been fished and farmed for thousands of years from the River Jordan in the Middle East to the Lower Nile River in Africa. It is known as Israeli Tilapia in the North, Blue Kurper in South Africa; but it is best known as Saint Peter’s Fish after the Bible story of Apostle Peter who was told by Jesus to look into the mouth of the first fish he caught for a coin to pay the temple tax.


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